About Tomi

Hello and Welcome. My name is Amy  “Tomi” Hougen and I live in San Francisco, CA.

I was trained as a Doula in fall of 2010, around which time I first became interested Placenta Medicine.

I was advised by three of the founders of the Association for Placenta Arts Preparation.

I always carry an up to date Blood Borne Pathogens certificate and use all safety precations in accordance with OSHA.(Food Safety Regulations)


Click to access state-of-california-food-handler-card-1.pdf

I also love learning and exploring the body’s connection to life’s landscape, and teach workshops on somatic exploration as a source of healing.

My daughter, Renee and I. Oct. 2020

3 thoughts on “About Tomi

  1. Hi I am due in October and I was wondering how this all works exactly? Do you pick up or do we have to deliver placenta to you and so on.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you so much for reaching out. Sorry I am just now seeing this message. If you go to ‘Contact section’ you’ll be able to see my number and email.
      If you are in SF I pick up and deliver in person. Refer to ‘FAQ section’ to find out more details on this.

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