All clients have the opportunity to also get an art print of their placenta, aka their baby’s ‘ Tree of Life’

Courtesy of Mama Marie P.

Prints can be made using the maternal blood or a thin layer of your color choice of non-toxic tempera paint.

Ruby’s “Tree”, courtesy of Mama Natasha

*Note: I am very careful to wash off every last trace of  the paint before proceeding with the encapsulation process.

Baby Joy’s Tree, “Butterfly.” (courtesy of Mama Winnie)  Each placenta, aka ‘Tree’ is so unique and beautiful to me.


Baby A’maya’s Tree. 10-10-16. Courtesy of Mama Veronica. Gold Tempera on black paper ( photo enhanced)

                                                                                     Declan’s mint tree.

A 2nd print of Declan’s mint ‘ Tree’ made on black paper
“Baby Arlan’s Tree of Life”. (courtesy of Momma Jenny)

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